#the way derek swallows #and then takes in every detail of stiles’ face

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Today I got my first pay check and I needed to celebrate with a Sterek kiss ( ^▽^)


Sterek AU: Part 1/?

➳ Stiles is a kitsune that has been loyal to the Hale bloodline for a long time (rumor has it he reaches his first hundred soon) and serving them well. However, the tasks he fulfilled were minor and he has not earned any tails yet, contrary to what he makes Talia believe when she summons him. Protecting her son could be his first and biggest chance to finally earn a tail, but Derek isn’t particularly excited to have Stiles keeping an eye on him, not to mention trying to prevent him from seeing Kate. Stiles is going to need to prove himself and gain Derek’s trust first.

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What do you mean this isnt how the scene went

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If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy?
If our love's insanity why are you my clarity?
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3rd commission for the Hoechlin B-day project :))) 

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Sterek AU: Stiles has been kidnapped by hunters. With his newfound power of turning into a real wolf, Derek tries everything he can to save Stiles. 


three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth


Sterek AU | The shortest distance between two points (is the line from me to you) by Nasti (part 1 | part 2)

“You just said yourself you heard my voice in your head.”

“I mentioned the lasting impression, and that wasn’t a compliment.”

“And yet there you are thinking about me.”

“I am not going to see the end of that, am I?”

“Definitely not.”

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3x23 // 4x12 as requested by the-spark-and-the-king


ok but picture Stiles running towards an ongoing fight

and Derek’s black wolf coming up at his side

them running together

to join the others

the boy who runs with wolves

*curls up on the floor*

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Why are you so worried about me?

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